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DVD - Coin Classics Volume 2 GMVL

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Coin Classics 

Volume # 2 of The Greater Magic Video Library Teach In Sessions

The Ninth volume of the Greater Magic Video Library Teach-In Sessions is by popular request, due to the wonderful success of our Coin Classics Volume 1 DVD.

More professional effects and routines by top coin aficionados from around the world. From Japan to Canada, to Holland and America. All are known professionals in their own rights.

There are Thirteen Effects and Routines in all.

There is nothing better than a strong close-up effect with coins. If you enjoyed Coin Classics Volume 1 you'll also enjoy Volume 2.

Get ready to learn and have fun and be entertained.

Artist and The name of their coin effects:

  • Jay Sankey  -- Paper Prision
  • James Cielen  -- Coins Across
  • John Carney -- Coin in The Bottle
  • Daryl -- Two Quarters
  • Don Alan -- Nickel on Forehead and Scotch and Soda **
  • T.A. Waters -- Double Coin Vanish
  • Masao Atsukawa -- Coin Sequence
  • SAWA -- SAWA's "Coin Sequence"
  • Karrell Fox -- Sensational Coins and Washington's Wig
  • Richard Ross -- Coins in the Glass


** No Need to Explain

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