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Jerry Mentzer's Ultimate Salt Routine

  • Now You Can Effortless Perform The Salt Trick!
  • Precession Made Metal Gimmick!
  • No Turn Over Needed!

The Ultimate Salt Routine

By Jerry Mentzer

The "Salt Trick" is a classic effect of magic. In the "Salt Trick" salt which is poured into the performer's clenched fist vanishes and is later reproduced in a thin andd seemingly endless stream from the performer's hand. Various gimmicks for accomplishing this effect have been available over the years. Some were good, some were not. Nearly all these gimmicks required that in order to reproduce the salt, the performer either had to turn his hand over or else secretly turn the gimmick over in his hand.

The Ultimate Salt Routine allows you to fo this classic effect with the best gimmick ever! No need for contortions or the turnover of the gimmick in the hand. The Ultimate Salt Routine gimmick is precision made of metal, holds a resectable quantity of salt and permits the salt to be reproduced from the bottom of the gimmick. As the salt is being reproduced, it is under your complete control at all times. The flow can be controlled down to a very fine stream so the reproduction seems to be a lot more then it actually is. 

The Ultimate Salt Routine comes with instructions for the basic routine as well as tips and ideas you will find helpful. And of course the precision made gimmick is supplied. The Best!

As A Side Note: Most folks don't know that our founder Jerry Mentzer, had a "real day job" when he wasn't writing books, shipping orders, appearing at conventions with the Magic Methods display and  performing his own act with slat, silks and such. Jerry was a mechanical engineer for Union Carbide for many years. So.. when he designed something for the magic industry he knew what he was doing. Nuff said.

Skill Level- Intermediate

A Magic Methods Exclusive Product

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