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The Idiot Rope Trick

  • A Very Unusual Rope Trick!
  • Easy To Do!

The Idiot Rope Trick

An unusual rope trick which requires no knots, cutting, etc. You show a piece of rope about four feet long. This you fold up and hold in one hand with both ends protruding. A spectator then assists you by holding the two ends. You reach into pocket to remove a pair of scissors, but do not find them. After trying to find the scissors in another pocket and still not finding them, you remove your hand from the rope and the spectator is seen to be holding the ends of a tiny piece of rope only a few inches long! Easy to do and no replacements required! You don't even need scissors. Comes complete with necessary rope and the instructions. You can use your own special rope (colored, etc.) if you wish. All you need is four feet of your special rope and the included instructions.

This effect is credited to Clair Cummings and Bob Lewis. We're not sure who originally performed it.  I've seen it used by Bob Sheets and other comic magician professionals.

Skill Level: Basic. Suitable for ages 17 to adult.

Instructions used with premission of Magic, Inc.

A Magic Methods Product

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