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Pic-A-Drink Plus


Pic -A -Drink Plus

By Jerry Mentzer

An extremely versatile trick that allows the performer to successfully predict which of several items a spectator will choose. The instructions describe how to predict one of several different types of liquor; gin, bourbon, vodka, etc. Or a variety of other items could be used instead of drinks. The trick involves a clever principle which can be adapted to many different occasions. IT IS EXCELLENT FOR THE PERFORMER WHO WORKS TRADE SHOWS SINCE IT CAN EASILY BE ADAPTED TO THE SPONSOR’S NAME, HIS PRODUCT, OR TO INDIVIDUALS WHO WORK FOR THE SPONSOR. THE INSTRUCTIONS GIVE A NUMBER OF IDEAS ON HOW TO APPLY THE TRICK TO COMMERCIAL USE. In effect, the performer shows several blank cards on which have been written the names of various drinks (or items of a different sort such as people’s names, product names, etc. depending on the audience). One of the cards is chosen by a spectator in a very fair manner. The chosen card matches a prediction made earlier by the performer! It looks honest, and is very easy for the performer to do. No sleight of hand is involved. Since many different presentation ideas are described in the instructions for the trick, the jumbo cards are supplied blank for you to mark with your own marking pen. The jumbo cards are large enough for nearly any performing situation. Complete with a set of Jumbo Blank Bicycle cards and a set of Poker Size Blank Cards too.

Special Note: The cards we currently have made up are with the old style  JUMBO size  "Thick stock" by U.S. Playing Card with a Bicycle Back. These sets will not be in stock long as US playing card has discontinued making the Thick style jumbo cards.


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