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EZ Hat Loader

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  • Easy To Perform with A Little Practice!

The EZ Hat Loader

With the E-Z Hat Loader you can produce a large variety of articles at any time, from a borrowed hat. Magician shows a colorful container, filled with confetti. He pours some of the confetti into the hat. Waving his wand over the hat, he reaches into the hat and produces a realistic solid egg, several silk handkerchiefs, a large 20 ft garland streamer and a glass of milk. No body loads are used, can be performed in center of any stage, away from all tables.


This item includes the metal container for the confetti, a solid plastic egg, a milk glass, supply of confetti and paper streamer.


You could add or change the items produced to suit your act. Some magicians use silk streamers, sponge balls and similar items to make magically appear from the hat.


This item is great for the beginning magician to be used at school talent shows, Birthday party magicians, Dance Recitals, Club Scout shows, etc.


‚ÄčThe hat is not included and you can use most any type. Note that this isn't the way magicians produce a rabbit from a top hat. We do stock magician style Top Hats in various materials, listed else where on this website, or contact our office for more details.


Skill Level: Beginner. Suitable for ages 8 to adult.

Media Type Shipped Product

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