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Egg with Hole or Silk to Egg

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  • Silk To Egg Prop!

Egg with Hole

This is a magician's accessory item. A white plastic egg with a hole in the back is most commonly used for the classic magic effect of the "Silk to Egg" routine. But other uses are invariably possible. 

Description of the basic Silk To Egg EffectYou tuck a silk handkerchief into your closed hand. After rubbing the silk between your hands, you open your hands to show that the silk has changed into an egg, leaving no trace of the silk. A very easy to perform, yet astonishing, effect. More complicated routines, (IE: where the plastic egg turns into a Real egg and you crack it open), are outlined and explained in detail in many books and DVD videos.   

​We supply the plastic Egg with hole Only, no silk handkerchief or performance instructions are included with this prop. 

Skill level: Intermediate.

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