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Bennett's All Purpose "Show-Off" Rope Routine

  • A Great Rope Routine!

Bennett's All Purpose "Show-Off" Rope Routine

by Horace Bennett

Horace Bennett was a master at combing relatively simple ideas and maneuvers into very effective routines. This is an excellent example of his work. The result is a routine that can be used for close-up, platform or stage performance, and provide several minutes of visual, memorable magic. In part one, a knot jumps from the center of the rope, first to one end of the rope, then to the other end. It slides off the rope, jumps from the rope, etc. Part two of the routine consists of two easy-to-do, but impressive, cut and restored rope effects.

In this routine, all that needs learning is the proper sequence. Easy to make up and perform; use rope the approximate diameter of commonly used "Magician's Rope". In fact, "Magician's Rope" is perfect for this routine. Requires a few minutes of one-time preparation, then only preparation is to replace the rope proper which becomes shorter as in many cut and restored rope effects. Printed manuscript with 20 line drawing illustrations. Use your own rope.


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