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Algonquin McDuff’s Watch Winder Handbook - Regular Edition

  • A Great Comedy Gag!
  • Try it On Someone's Apple watch!

Algonquin McDuff’s 


Regular Edition

Editorial assistance by Dexter Cleveland & Rhett Bryson


First of all, I guess I should explain, for those that may not be familiar what a Watch Winder is; it’s a device that you secretly hide in your hand, ask to hold a friend or specters watch and as you “fake” winding it, the device makes a terrible “Grind, Grind, Grind” sound as if it’s coming from their watch! It’s a GREAT gag, especially suitable now that everyone is wearing the new digital or iWatch types, as they know it doesn’t need winding and doesn’t make a voice. Perfect for using on Stage or Close-up like at your weekly restaurant gig.


This is the fourth book comprising The McDuff Trilogy - the Watch Winder Handbook. It saw light of day in 1992. Algonquin and his cohorts (Bryson & Cleveland)  offer you an extended history of the ubiquitous watch winder. You will see advertisements and ad cuts dating back to 1898! The book’s introduction was written by Mr. Martin Gardner.


The book offers you much more to do with the watch winder than just pretending to wind a watch. Karrell Fox gives you 12 fresh gags, Algonquin brings the watch winder into the twenty-first century with his New Age Applications. You will also find a collection of snappy comments to make while employing this funny device.


Please Note: We also have a few of the Special Limited Edition Collector’s copies available, these were a limited Numbered and Signed by the author edition of only 150 copies. This edition also includes a tipped-in “Official Collector’s Photographic Silhouette Guide to identifying your type of Watch Winder (printed on faux parchment paper). If you’d like one of these special collector editions. Look for the listing elsewhere on this website. 



DetailsAlgonquin McDuff’s Watch Winder Handbook

48 pages, soft covers, saddle-stitched, size: 4 1/4". by 5 1/2".



Media Type Shipped Product

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