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42 Amazing Tricks & Stunts with Rope Book

  • Appearing & Vanishing knots!
  • Cut & Restored Effects!
  • Rope Penetrations!
  • Ring & Rope Routines!
  • And So Much More!

42 Amazing Tricks & Stunts with Rope Book

 The book contains step-by-step instructions for 42 of the best tricks you can perform with Rope, including Appearing and Vanishing Knots, Cut and Restored Rope Tricks, Flourishes and Penetrations, Stretching and Shrinking Ropes, Ring and Rope routines, and more.  Carry the props in your pocket and you are set to perform any time, any place, for any size of audience.

You can take one or several pieces of rope with you almost anywhere and use it to perform some amazing magic for an intimate audience of a couple of spectators, or on a stage for an audience of hundreds. There are hundreds of tricks you can perform with a piece of rope. The most famous of these is the Cut & Restored Rope trick, where a piece of rope is cut into two or more pieces, and magically restored.

The purpose of this compilation is to give you many tricks of an assorted variety with ropes, selected to get you started on one of the easiest, most effective, and most economical types of magic you can perform. An abundance of illustrations makes the effects very easy to learn, and the tricks are very mystifying to an audience. A piece of rope costs less than a good deck of cards, and a good rope trick can make a much bigger impact on a much larger audience.

Details: 42 Amazing Tricks & Stunts With Rope

48 Pages, softcover, saddle stitched, Size: 5.5” x 8.5”.

 193 illustrations. 

Please Note: Rope & Scissors pictured are Not included with the purchase of the book.

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