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Silk 36 inch Yellow

  • Size: 36"
  • Color: Yellow
  • 100% Pure China Silk!
  • Weight: 8mm

Silk size 36 inch in color Yellow

The best for conjuring purposes. Fold up small, expand instantly, no substitute for good quality silk. These silks are the world's finest made of 100% pure china, silk. These are the very best anywhere. 8mm weight.


Skill Level: None


Please note: Computer screens are different for everyone the way the color of the silk appears to you in the photo may be different than it actually is. Also note that different batch lots of different silk sizes are not all dyed at the same time, therefore a 9inch green may not be the exact shade of a 24inch one. If this is important to you please advice us when ordering and we will try to match as best we can.

Media Type Shipped Product

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