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Quad Ropelets

  • Best Rope Routine Ever!
  • No Replacements Needed!
  • For Any Size Audience!


By Hen Fetsch

This is one of the world 's best rope routines, without any rope being cut and restored. Three ropes of different lengths become equal. Two of them become one rope. The third rope now becomes the same length as that rope. These two 3-foot ropes are thrown out toward the audience when they suddenly become one 6-foot-length of rope. Patter routines are included to make this one of the most entertaining rope routines ever presented. Use the same rope time and time again. No replacements to buy, You'll Love it!

The Routine Sequence:

  • Three ropes, each of a different length, visibly stretch and shrink to become equal!
  • One rope is placed aside, while the other two visibly transform into one long rope!
  • The rope placed aside is now openly stretched until it matches the length of the long rope!
  • Finally, in a startling climax...the two long ropes blend into a single rope measuring SIX FEET in length!

Each QUADROPELETS set has been handmade in high-quality rope. The rope is bright white and measures 3/8" wide. The instructions are highly detailed with full-color photographs covering every aspect of the routine, plus additional handling ideas and tips.

Tags Rope Trick
Media Type Shipped Product

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