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Scoop - An Impossible Coin Vanish

  • An Impossible Coin Vanish!

Scoop - An Impossible Coin Vanish

After many years Scoop has been recreated. When marketed years ago by Ken Allen thousands were sold. Then for many years, it was not available. Well - here it is again! Read what happens. A coin is placed on the performer's outstretched palm. The other hand is passed over the hand that contains the coin in a mysterious gesture. Then both hands are shown empty both back and front. They are positively empty! No-fuss, no muss, no palming, no pulls, no thread, no lapping. East to do and very baffling. Complete with instructions and everything you need to do the trick.

The instructions also explain how you can turn a penny into a dime instead of vanishing the coin.

The special coin we provide is a Penny, but you could acquire another denomination to perform the effect.

Get Scoop Today! Don't be Scooped!

Skill Level: Intermediate

Note: By special permission of Jack Miller Enterprises, who owns the manufacturing & distribution rights to all the Ken Allen products, we have re-produced this classic magic item.

A Magic Methods Product

Media Type Shipped Product

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