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All You Wanted To Know About Change Bags Plus 101 Tricks

  • Every Magician Can Find Something in This Book!
  • Lots of Info On Change Bags!

All You Wanted To Know About Change Bags and

101 Tricks You Can Do With Them

By Sam Dalal

A wealth of information on a variety of different types of the magician's change bags, and 101 tricks you can do with them. The book contains 101 tricks that can be done with the flat or draw string change bag, one hand change bag, regular change bag, repeat change bag, the clear force bag, and the mesh change bag. You're bound to find some info or routine you haven't thought of using with a Change Bag.


The tricks contained in this book can be performed by beginners, amateurs, professionals, kid show performers and mentalists.


Contents Include:

  • Introduction

The Change Bag

  • Flat and Draw String Change Bags
  • Handling The Flat Change Bag
  • Regular - Two Hand Operation - Change Bag
  • One Hand Change Bag
  • Some Ideas for Using the Change Bag: original 36
  • 23 Deceptions With the Changing Bag: additional 23
  • The Repeat Change Bag
  • Ideas for Using the Repeat Change Bag: 12 ideas

 The Clear Change - Force - Bag

  • Handling the Bag
  • Uses for the Clear Force Bag: 17 uses

 The Mesh Change - Force - Bag

  • Ian Adair's Egg Nest
  • Additional Presentation Ideas from Ian
  • More Ideas for the Mesh Change Bag: 7 ideas

Utility Change Bag

  • Grocery Prop Change Bag
  • Bonus - a New Multple Force Concept
  • The Ultimate Dream Holiday (Sam Dalal)


Details: All You Wanted To Know About Change Bags Plus 101 Tricks by Sam Dalal

48 pages, soft covers, saddle-stitched, size: 5 1/2" by 8 1/2".


Skill level: Beginner to Advanced. Every magician can benefit from reading this book.

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