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Algonquin McDuff’s Spirit Cloth Book

  • History, Routines & Ideas for the DayLight Seance AKA Spirit Cloth
  • Used by Professional Magicians & Mentalist
  • Skill Level: Advanced

Algonquin McDuff’s Spirit Cloth Book as told to Rhett Bryson, Jr. & Dexter Cleveland

Published in 1984, this volume presents the history of that fascinating magic/mentalism prop – The Spirit Cloth, sometimes called the "Daylight Seance Cloth".

You will find wonderfully funny routines using the spirit cloth from such luminaries as Martin Gardner, Rick Johnsson, Bev Bergeron, Steve Beam, Hank Lee, Parker Swan and others. The “Further Reading List” alone is worth the price of the book.

This book was thought to be out of print, all copies sold and it was no longer available from the publishers. However we have found just a few of the Original Edition, now available. Don’t Wait!!

Contents Include:

A Forward by Phil Willmarth

History of the Spirit Cloth

Care and Use of The Spirit Cloth

McDuff's 31 Comedy Ideas

McDuff's Heckler Stoppers

Martin Gardner's 28 Suggestions for use

Bev Bergeron's Ideas

Hands Off by Steve Beam

Hands Off II by Steve Beam

Wayne Kyzer's Routine

Rhett Bryson's Routine

Hank Lee's Jaws Routine

Rick Johnsson's Routine

.Dan Garrett's Candle-Dabra

Frank Herman's Exorcist Routine

Parker Swan's Pet Routine

McDuff's Miscellaneous Ideas

Further Reading


42 Pages, Size 5 1/2” by  8 1/2” Soft Cover, Spiral Comb Bound, Copyright 1984 by McDuff, Bryson & Cleveland. Published by Jester’s Press - Greenville, SC

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