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Great Magician's Magic Set-Large

  • Instructions for Over 80 Tricks You Can Learn To Do!
  • Perfect for the Beginner in the Art of Magic!
  • Makes a great Birthday, Holiday or Special Occasion Gift!

Great Magician's Magic Set - large size

Our largest Royal Magic set, designed by professional magicians to teach the basic principles of the Magic Art.

This set is the perfect introduction to magic! 

The "The Great Magician's Magic Set" makes an excellent gift for magicians of all ages. The set features tricks that are magical classics. Professional magicians selected time-tested tricks that are easy to do, yet completely baffling.  Each set comes complete in a gorgeous four-color box, packed with magic! 

This set is just chock full of great classic magic tricks. This set Includes the props for the famous Rice Bowls, Floating Prayer Vase, Wonder Blocks, Spiked Coin illusion, Dime Deception, Anti-Gravity Glasses, Number Mystery, Rising Pencil, Card Penetration Frame, Bunny Paddle, The classic Cups and Balls, E.S.P. Out Done,  Ring Off String, The Drawer Box, Siberian Chain Escape, Mystic patterns, Two Card Monte, Coil & Ring Effect, Animal Hunter, Viz Escape, and much more, plus an Official Magician’s Wand.

You'll learn enough basic magic in such a short time, to be able to put on a fantastic show for your friends and family. You'll learn such feats as Escaping from a Steel Chain that's been locked around your wrist, just like the great Harry Houdini.

You'll be able to make small objects like money appear, change or disappear with The Drawer Box.

The Classic Cups & Balls trick, the oldest trick in the Magic Art is included and allows you to demonstrate a routine that appears to require great sleight of hand skills. But it's easy to perform once you know the secret to how. Be sure to follow the most basic rule in the Art of Magic and Not reveal any of these master trick secrets you'll learn to any of your friends.

Learn to perform an additional 50 Tricks with the included Booklet “Fun-Tastic Tricks” with objects you can find around most households.

Professional Illusions package in a colorful box makes for a great gift for the budding magician.

Suggested for ages 7 years & up. These props are cool enough for even teens to adults to learn with. 

Proudly Made in the U.S.A.

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