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Pack Puzzler

  • A Card Shuffled into the Deck, found to be the only Non-Blank card in the whole deck!
  • Easy To Do! No Difficult sleights!
  • Skill Level: Medium

Pack Puzzler

By Jerry Mentzer

This new card trick is packed with a series of surprises which should keep any any audience on its toes. The trick begins with the selection of a crabby a spectator and the card's return to the deck. The magician cuts the deck and removes Three cards stating that One is sure to be the chosen card. The Three cards are held face down by the performer who then taps them and fans them once again. The Center card has turned Face Up -- it is the selected card! But -- the surprises are only begining! The other two cards are turned face up and they are Blank! Finnaly the reminder of the pack is turned face up and  All the cards have blank fasces!

Easy To Do!  No Difficult sleights! 

Thi is a trick you'll enjoy performing and one your audiences will enjoy seeing!

Complete with Aviator Brand Deck and Illustrated instructions.

Skill Level: Medium

‚ÄčA Magic Methods Product

Tags Playing Cards
Media Type Shipped Product

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