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ESP Test - Regular Size

  • "Mind Reading" Match Routine with ESP Cards!

ESP TEST - Regular Size Version

With Regular Bridge Size Cards

This is a very fine trick. In the bridge size regular version it is an excellent pocket trick for close-up use. With the Jumbo Card version, it is good either as a stage effect or as an effect for slightly larger groups at close range. Since the tricks essentially self-working and requires no technical skill, it allows the performer to devote all to the presentation. 

In Performance: The performer shows an odd backed card or a folded paper and sets it aside as a prediction. Then Five cards, each with a different ESP symbol are shown. The spectator has an apparently free choice of the symbols yet the chosen symbol always matches the card selected by the spectator,  Although I should mention, you can't repeat the effect for the same audience, nor should you want to.

As a side note: I (Eddy Wade) saw this effect, in the 1970s, performed by Max Maven on one of his HBO TV specials, in his hands this was a miracle and his presentation was so good he used it as an opening routine with a woman sitting in the audience. 

Tags Extrasensory Perception, Mental magic, Mind Reading Trick., ESP Test, Max Maven
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