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Kid Stuff Volume 4

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  • 33 New Tricks!
  • Ideas on Giveaways!
  • Blue and Gold Banquets!
  • Verbal Gags for Kids!

Kid Stuff Vol. 4

By Frances Marshall

Frances Ireland Marshall (1910-2002) was an icon among all kinds of magicians—performers, dealers, creators, writers, etc.—for decades. Her Kid Stuff series is considered by many experts to be essential reading for anyone interested in performing magic for children. These booklets contain full scripts, new routines, and advice for both show and business.

The fourth in a six volume set of magic for Children's shows. These volumes provide a wide variety of effects for children's shows. You are sure to find lots of good ideas for your kid-show magic.

Volume 4—Bigger than any volume before it, with thirty-three tricks to make, or to revise from tricks you now own, for your kid show. A section of tricks and routines by Bruce Armstrong, the "Uncle Max" of Canadian television. Kid Party ideas by Maggie the Clown. Information on gifts and trinkets for the kids - the giveaways. Patter Presentations by Jane Jarrow. Guide to Blue and Gold Banquet Work, with a Cub Scout trick. The Santa Claus bit. Verbal gags for kids. Routines by Phil Foxwell, Phillip Wollmarth, Piet Forton. Sixty items in all, many illustrations.

Detailed Contents List:

3 Kid Stuff Volume Four (Frances Marshall): intro essay
5 Our Frontispiece: Piet Forton's Ching Chong Chumplelee
6 Zie Zaubern Wir Fur Kinder (Piet Forton): on comedy for children
7 The Silk Theft (Piet Forton): magazine and silk theft
10 Gags for Kids: various one liners
11 Photo Fun With Kids (Phil Wilmarth): routine to take a picture at the end
13: Routine Two: another version
15 Dorothy and the Magic of Oz (Miss Jane Jarrow): Wizard of Oz Theme
18 Peter Pan: Peter Pan themed act
22 Alter Ego Presents Magic (Bruce Armstrong): Ideas for Magician Characters, such as French Chef, Swiss Mountaineer, etc.
26 Ghost Family: idea for Glorpy
29 A Case of Measles: catching the measles
30 What Happened to Forgetful Freddie?
30 Fractured Magic: Comedy gags
31 Random Hints, Ideas, Inspirations: more ideas
34 Photo and Bio of Bruce Armstrong
35 Anti Gravico Do as I Do (Philip Foxwell): clever routine for your Anti Gravico gimmick
38 Clippo for Kids- routine for Clippo trick
40 Blue and Gold Season: Performing for Cub Scouts, and another idea for Forgetful Freddie
43 Santa Claus Bit: Incorporating Santa into your act
45 Gifts: Ideas for hand-outs
46 Thanks to Abra: Intro to section of effects from Abracadabra Magazine, courtesy of Goodliffe
47 Hats for Kiddies (Eric C. Lewis): tissue hat act
49 Rocket Ship X (Jack Delvin): Rocket Ship vanish and more
52 Haunted Castle (Wilfred H. Tyler): based on Square Circle
56 Solo by Santa (J.C. Whyley): matchbox novelty to make
58 Return of Prince Babu (Jimmy Flowers): clever stage prop
61 Desert Treasure (Arnold Crowther): act revolving around sand!
63 Tip Tup the Clown (Roy Baker): Easy to Build platform prop
66 Cat Show (Jack Devlin): colorful cat story
68 Trick Train (Eric Hawkesworth): Large set piece
74 Little Gray Home (Len Belcher): House prop and routine
76 Sentry Go (Len Belcher): Castle routine and prop
78 Snow Whiteness (Tony Everet): Snow White and Dwarfs
80 Ding Dong (Len Belcher): Cat and Well act
82 Rambling Rabbits (Les Manterfield): find the monkey cup and ball idea
83 Small Fry Foo Can (Alastair): Foo Can routine
84 Eggs Unlimited (Weeton): Chicken prop
86 Daylight Robbery (Len Belcher): Guard and Vault
88 D Stands for Dunce (Eric C. Lewis): Dunce Hat act
90 The Man in the Moon (Jimmy Flowers): Moon illusion
92 Fun at the Fair (Syd the Sorcerer): two ideas for a circus/fair act
93 Toby Production (Howard Gower): end production
97 Bless My Buttons (Jimmy Flowers): button transpo on stage figure
100 Just One More Tipple (Harold G. Beaumont): Humpty Dumpty figure
101 Puss in the Well (Freddie Sharpe): Another cat in the well
102 Happy Snaps (Eric Hawkesworth): Photography based act
105 Lemuel Gulliver (Len Belcher): Gulliver's Travels act
108 Freddie the Frog (John Thornton): Frog and duck and a rhyme
110 Lollipops Galore (Ali Bongo): multiplying lollipops
113 Big Ears and the Princess (Roy Baker): around a changing bag
117 Santa's Stocking (Roy Baker): Santa puppet and more
119 Fireman Freddie (Stanton Carlisle): Fireman based routine
122 Clarence (Ali Bongo): Soldier based prop and routine
124 How to Make Ice Cream (Richard Teclaw): with a latex ice cream cone

Details: Kid Stuff 4

128 pages, soft covers, comb binding, size 5 1/2" by 8 1/2".


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