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Kid Stuff Volume 1 by Frances Marshall

  • A Must-have Book for the Kid Show Performer!

Kid Stuff Vol. 1

By Frances Marshall

Frances Ireland Marshall (1910-2002) was an icon among all kinds of magicians—performers, dealers, creators, writers, etc.—for decades. Her Kid Stuff series is considered by many experts to be essential reading for anyone interested in performing magic for children. These booklets contain full scripts, new routines, and advice for both show and business.

Vol. 1—Now in its sixth printing, this is the first volume of a great series. 96 pages of good, practical, tested material, with working routines, all bits of business, patter, handling, etc.

Contents include: Clown Alley, Magic and Safety Shows for Kids, National Safety Council material, Magic and Fire Prevention Shows, Approaches to the Kid Show, Glamorizing the Kid Show, Shopping for Kid Tricks, Punch & Judy, the Famous Lecture on Working for Kids, Heartbreak Circuit, and other helpful material for children's shows. Illustrated with photos and sketches.

Detailed Contents List:

Kid Stuff: Introduction: 
4 The Puppet Rabbit Routine: a full routine for younger children incorporating a rabbit puppet and cards
9 The Laurie Ireland Routine With the Egg and Bag Trick: an egg bag presentation
11 Comedy Wand, Handkerchief, and Fan Routine (George Troseth)
13 The Foxwell Paper Race (Philip Foxwell): Afghan bands presentation
15 A Mental Trick for Kids: using a Jo-Ann Duck, alphabet cards, animal forcing cards, and a photo-frame gimmick
20 Prelude to Any Rope Trick: comedy introduction
21 The Stomach Ache Tube: for very young children, using a vanishing candle
23 Birthday Child Sequence: using a Paper Hat Trick, drawer box with snake, and bouquet
25 Ideas for Kid Shows: ideas for noise control
26 Spellbound (Eddie Clever, Franz Christensen): Animal card spelling
28 Dressing the Doll (Eddie Clever): picture frame routine
29 Eddie Clever's Version of the Sun and Moon: with handkerchiefs
39 Clown Alley: essay on clowing and ideas such as:
42 - Hot Dogs
43 - No Bottom
43 - Dead Ducks
43 - Funnel Fun
44 - Only Fingers
44 - For You
44 - Eggs
45 - Light It
46 - The New Supporter
46 - Yoo Hoo
46 - Small Car
46 - Alligator
46 - Flying Button
47 - Drop the Clothespin
47 - One Too Many: finger, not drink!@
48 - The Missing Finger
48 - Morning Paper
48 - The Mobile Rug
49 - Long Tongue
49 - The Thread
50 - Noises
50 - Birthday Cake
51 - Gum Drops
51 - How to Make a Clapboard
52 - Balloons
52 - Comedy in Costume
53 - Slapstick
53 - The Spirit
55 Magic and Safety: : essay on Magic and Safety Shows for Kids, using material from the National Safety Council
57 Lee Allen Estes: ideas from Lee's safety shows
58 Herb Young: ideas for The Fir Tree, Anti-Gravico, Hindu Water Lota, Windsor Dye Box and more
61 Watch Your Step (Herb Young): poem and routine for Abbott trick
63 Humpty Dumpty Trick: another use for an Abbott trick
63 Green Cross of Safety (Chuck Hanson): paper strip routine
65 Jack Francis: ideas
65 Fire Prevention: ideas
65 Harry Jordan: fire safety ideas
66 James W. Just: more school fire show ideas
69 Approaches to the Kid Show: ideas from Buck Barry, Gerrie Larsen, Dr. Abe Hurwitz, Shari-Lewis, and more
73 The Lecture on How to Play Kid Shows: essay of good advice
82 Shopping for Kid Tricks: buying suitable effects with many examples
86 Magic and the Professions: Dr. Binderman's dentist tricks, Evangelist ideas, teachers
87 Jay Marshall's Bridge Table Punch & Judy: how to build it
89 Heartbreak Circuit: playing for hospitals and charities

Details: Kid Stuff Vol. 1

96 pages, soft covers, comb binding, size 5 1/2" by 8 1/2".

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