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Hot Rod-small-Black

  • Made In The USA!
  • Easy to Do
  • A Classic Magic Effect!
  • Skill Level: Basic

The Hot Rod Trick

Regular size - Black Version

There have been many tricks with plastic sticks set with gems on the magic market, but this one has always been the best. A clear plastic stick is shown with Six different colored gems embedded on it. The spectator makes a selection of one of the colored gems and Presto! The performer changes all the gems on both sides of the rod to the color of the selected gem!  A better twist on the old paddle trick. It's a real dazzler!

Perfect for the beginning magician or a nicely made replacement for the professional performer. We also have CLEAR and Jumbo Rods available, check elsewhere on this site.

This model is Made In The USA!

Skill Level: Basic

Tags Hot Rod
Media Type Shipped Product

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