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Mark Wilson's Cyclopedia of Magic - A Complete Course

  • One of The Best Beginner's Courses in the Art of Magic
  • This is the Packetized Edition- 51/4″ by 4 1/4″
  • Softcover, 638 pages
  • Suitable for ages 7 to adults

The Complete Course in Magic by Mark Wilson

World’s most popular book of magic instruction, with over 800,000 copies sold. 

The classic text for learning magic that every beginning magician should own. This version is the Pocket-Sized (51/4″ by 4 1/4″) Edition for on-the-go learning. With 638 pages it includes tricks with everything from playing cards to large scale illusions. All tricks are illustrated with step-by-step drawings to aid in learning fast. Most tricks use easy to find objects and materials to allow you to make some of your own special secret props.

About the Author
Mark Wilson is first and foremost a famous magician, who the New York Times has recognized as “probably the nation’s leading authority on magic.” He is also the hugely successful author of numerous kits and books devoted to instruction in the magical arts including the newly released Complete Course in Magic Additionally, has made countless guest appearances throughout his career on every major TV talk show in the country. Mark Wilson resides in southern California.


Details:  Mark Wilson's Cyclopedia of Magic - A Complete Course

Pocket-Sized Edition – 5 1/4″ by 4 1/4″ Softcover, 638 pages

Contents include the following:


Card Magic,
Card Handling Techniques
Riffle Shuffle, Table Shuffle
Dealing the Cards
Self Working Card Tricks
Automatic Card Discovery, Super Automatic Card Discovery
Fantastic Five
Turnover Card
Double Turnover
Double X Mystery
Super Double X Mystery
You Do As I Do
Hindu Shuffle Tricks, Hindu Shuffle
How to Use the Hindu Shuffle, Hindu Glimpse, Hindu KeyCard Location
Hindu Flash Force, Hindu Color Change
Two Deck Version
Bottom Stock Control
False Cut
PickUp Control
Overhand Shuffle Tricks, Overhand Shuffle, Overhand Reverse Shuffle, Overhand InJog Control
Card Case Escape
Shuffle Control with Key Card
Top Card to Bottom, Bottom Card to Top
Overhand InJog Top Card Control
Magnetized Card
Placing a Card at a Specific Location in the Deck
Surprise Appearance
Forcing a Card, Slip Force I, Slip Force II, 1020 Count Force, Rollover Force
Roll Any Number
Magicians Choice Force
Double Life Tricks

LittleFinger Break
Double Life
Riffle Revelation
ColorChanging Aces I
Sandwiched Aces
Double Thought Projection
Glide Tricks, Glide I, Glide II, Double Lift and Glide
Oil and Water
Birds of a Feather
ShortCard Tricks, How to Make a Short Card, Short Card to the Top, Short Card to the Bottom
Short Card as Locator, Quick Riffle Location
Cutting the Aces
Giant Card Tricks
Bigger Card Trick
Sympathetic Cards
Applause Card, Double Applause Card
Giant Mistake II, Giant Mystery
Flourishes, OneHand Cut I
,OneHand Cut II
Ribbon Spread, RibbonSpread Turnover
Turnover Control
Pressure Fan
Closing the Fan TwoHand Method

OneHand Fan
Springing the Cards
ArmSpread Catch
Throwing a Card
Boomerang Card
Genie Cards, Genie of the Lamp
,Genies Number

Money Magic
Coin in a Ball of Wool
Coin Roll, Roll Down
Dollar Bill Magic, Bills from Nowhere I
Torn and Restored Dollar Bill
Coin Fold
Coin Through Handkerchief I
Magically Multiply Your Money
FourCoin Assembly
Sleights with Coins
FingerPalm Vanish
PinchorDrop Vanish
Classic Palm
Master Coin Mysteries
CoinVanishing Handkerchief II
Grants Super CoinVanishing Handkerchief
SuperDooper Versatile Vanisher
Coin Through Leg
Coin a GoGo

CopperSilver Penetration
Shrinking Coin
Coins Across

Six Bill Repeat
Bill in a Lemon
Rope Magic
Rope Preparation
CutandRestored Rope II
Triple Rope Trick
Triple Rope Multiple Do As I Do Knot
Cut and Restored String
Threading the Needle
one hand Knot
Melting Knot
Shoelace Rope Tie
EqualUnequal Ropes
Great Coat Escape
Rope and Coat Release
Ring Off Rope
Impossible Rope Escape
Silk and Handkerchief Magic
Hypnotized Handkerchief
Fatima the Dancer
Dissolving Knot
Knot Through ARm
Handkerchief Through Handkerchief
Penetrating Handkerchief
Magical Production of a Handkerchief
Handkerchief Vanish
Serpentine Silk I
Broken and Restored Match
Eggs from Nowhere
Vanishing Glass
Impromptu Magic
Jumping Rubber Band
Reverse Jumping Rubber Band
Double Jumping Rubber Band II
Challenge Jumping Rubber Band
Linking Paper Clips with Rubber Band
Bag Tag Escape
Lifesavers on the Loose
Cords of Fantasia
Sucker Torn and Restored Napkin
Jumping Match, Flying Match
Dots Magic with Paddle Move
Glass Through Table
Mental Magic
ThreeWay Test
Magazine Test
Curious Coincidence
Million to One
Gypsy Mind Reader Psychometry
Center Tear
Spectrum Prediction
PingPong Prestidigitation
Envelope Stand
Impossible Penetration
Impossible Knot
Do It Yourself Knot
Turned Up Glasses
Rubber Band Release
Knot in Handkerchief
Sponge Sorcery Tricks
Sponge Sorcery
Flight to the Packet
Guess Which Hand
Spectators Doubles
Transposition in Your Hands
Impossible Penetration
Spectators Hand Revisited
Two in the Hand One in the Pocket I
Total Vanish
Cup and Ball Tricks
Cups and Balls
Invisible Flight
Any Cup Called For
Lemon Surprise
Make at Home Magic
Afghan Bands
Utility Cone
Double Walled Bag Vanish
Sun and Moon
Take Apart Vanish
Bunny Box, Production Box
Magic Table, Black Art Well
Magical Illusions
Arabian Tent Illusion
Haunted House
Victory Cartons Illusion

Mystery of the Magical Mummy I
Curious Cabinet Caper
Mummys Casket
Whos There?
TipOver Trunk
Suspension Illusion
Your Future in Magic




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