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Bill Severn's Magic Money

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  • Tricks With Coins & Bills!
  • Do-Anywhere Tricks!
  • Basic For Beginners Learning Coin Magic!
  • Rare Out Of Print Book!

Bill Severn's Magic Money

Tricks With Coins and Bills

Everyone has dreamed of finding unexpected money or wished for money to appear. learn how to capitalize on this favorite fantasy with the entertaining illusions in this volume. The tricks use the familiar coins and bills that we all carry, and many are simple enough to perform anywhere. Others require minor preparation with trick coins or small peops. The detailed instructions in Bill Severn's MAGIC MONEY will show you how to become an accomplished money magician.


This is a rare hard to find book and out of print.

Note: The TWO copies we have in stock as of June 2019 are in mint condition with the exception of some residue from a price tag on the reverse side. These are not used copies but have been sitting in our warehouse for many years.

Contents Include:

Chapter 1 Hand Magic With Coins

  • What Is Sleight of Hand
  • Practice and Rehearsal
  • What Coins to Use
  • The Finger-Palm
  • Pick-up Vanish
  • Drop Vanish
  • The Thumb-Palm
  • Simple Thumb-Palm Vanish
  • Thumb-Palm Throw
  • Fingertip Vanish
  •  Fingertip Production
  • Thumb-Palm Drop
  • Pushes, Pivots and Drops
  • Fingertip Push
  • The Push Vanish
  • The Pivot Vanish
  • Fingertip Drop
  • Switches and False Counts
  • Finger-Palm Switch
  • Thumb-Palm Switch
  • The Glass Switch
  • Visible Fingertip Switch
  • Thumb-Palm False Count
  • Finger-Palm False Count

Chapter 2 Do-Anywhere Tricks With Coins And Bills

  • Up One Sleeve and Down the Other
  • Cash Offer
  • Breaking a Half into Quarters
  • The Flip Side
  • One Hundred and Two
  • The Straphanger
  •  Money in Mind
  • One and One Make Three
  • Winner Take All

Chapter 3 Novel Money Magic

  • Topsy-Turvy
  • Comedy Cut Bill
  •  In the Red
  • The Traveling Millionaire
  • The Money Spell
  • How to Stretch a Dollar

Chapter 4 Showtime Tricks With Money

  • Penetrating Coins and Purse
  • The Contrary Coins
  • The Unborrowed Coin in the Ball of Wool
  • Catching Coins from the Air
  • Hush Money
  • Rainbow Repeat Bills


Details: Bill Severn's Magic Money

Illustrated by Elizabeth Green

147 Pages, soft cover, perfect bound, size 5 1/2" by 8 1/2 ".

Original copyright 1977, The copies we have are from the First paperback Edition in 1993 by Stackpole Books

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