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Mental Dice

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  • Superb Mental Effect!
  • Divine Their Chosen Number!

Mental Dice

Precision Metal Tricks for Your Ciollection

​Manufactured by Eddy's Magic International - Hong Kong

Basic Effect: You ask a spectator to place a metal dice into a metal container and cover it with a medal lid. You're able to read their minds as they think of the number on top of the die inside the metal container. Easy to perform. A very well made prop.

An apparent mental miracle with one of the nicest pieces of apparatus you've seen for this effect in a long time. Collector's Quality!

Longer Explanation; While the performer's head is turned a spectator places a die into a small metal box then covers the die with a medal lid. He is asked to memorize the number that was on top of the die when he covered it. You are then able to divine the number he chose wityhoput resorting to secret peeks, sleight-of-hand or secret windows in the box!! You never see the die! repeat the effect if you choose!

Both the die and box are precision made for the effect. The die was specially machined to a precision fit. The box and its lid are machined from brass and then coated.The box is gold colored and the die is silver with spots colored in red or black.

While the effect does require a bit of "pumping" to determine which of two possible numbers the spectator chose, the precision of the box permits you know "for sure" those two numbers. In fact the only complaint we've ever received about the precision of the equipment is that It Was Too Good! The man who complained wanted to be able to work the effect from across the room and could not due to the precision with which the die, box and lid are made.

NOTE: These are no longer available from the manufacture and once they're gone that's it, No more!

Skill Level: Intermediate. Suitable for ages 17 to adult.


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