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Svengali Deck-Fantasma

  • Easy To Do!
  • Perfect for Ages 8+

Professional Magician's Deck!

The Svengali Deck by Fantasma

With Over 20 Routines Included!

Including a Routine where The Whole Deck Changes Into The Selected Card!

Endorsed by The International Brotherhood of Magicians

The Svengali Deck is a classic trick deck of cards that requires very little skill to accomplish. With this one special deck, you can perform over 100 tricks. This specific deck is different than some of the others we offer under the same "Svengali" title in that the cards are made in a better quality paper, this deck comes with an illustrated booklet of 20 Routines, and it includes a few special printed extra bonus prediction cards to use in the routines, the deck is packaged on a blister card.

More decks of this type have probably been sold than any other special deck ever made!

Examples of a few of the amazing things you can perform with this special SVENGALI Deck:

  • Have the spectators' selected card appear in an orange!
  • Cause the entire deck to change to their selected card!
  • Predict in advance the card your friend will pick!
  • Magically cause the card your friend picks to appear in your pocket!

Please Note: these are Bridge Size cards, the packaging color may vary from the one pictured. These are in new condition.

We also offer DVD and VHS videos along with several different books that will teach you EVEN MORE marvelous feats with the Svengali Deck, just look around the website.

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