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Mind Control

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  • Easy To Do Mind Reading!
  • Very Baffling Effect!
  • No Skill Required!

Mind Control

A Most Baffling Effect!

The magical effect of the magician knowing in advance the color that a spectator chooses is just uncanny. Complete with directions and cards.

A Very Effective Mental Magic Trick Experiment!

Basic Effect: Three cards are laid out on a table. On the center of each card is printed a large colored dot. The spectator is asked to name any one of the three colors. The magician (That's You) then magically reveals that you knew in advance the color they would select! Be sure to guard the secret to this miracle well!

Easy To Do!  No Sleight-Of-Hand or Advanced Skills Required!

Never Fails!

No Codes!

No Stooges or Extra Helpers Required!

No Electronics!

No Forces!

Skill Level-Beginner, suitable for ages 7 to adult!

Media Type Shipped Product

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