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Mickey Hades Improved Finger Chopper

  • The BEST Finger Chopper EVER! Completely Examinable by Victim Spectator!
  • Steel Blade Cuts a carrot or other small objects, but passes harmlessly thru a Finger!
  • Removable Stock, All wood construction, Made of Only Two Pieces.
  • Not A Toy! We Do Not Sell This Item to Minors!


Recognized by leading magic authorities as The Best version of this effect EVER created!

Mickey Hades Improved Finger Chopper

"Close-up Magic's Grande Illusion" - Jonathan Pendragon, Master Illusionist 

The plot is simple, The solid steel Blade is shown, demonstrate that IT Will cut if you like, then a volunteer's finger is placed into the stock, you may place a carrot or other small object above & below the finger, yet once the Blade is pushed down the finger is unharmed while the other object is neatly cut into two pieces.

The Blade can be removed from its case and examined by the spectator before and after the effect is performed. They will have no clue to the mystery of how the Blade passed through their finger.

Instantly Resets During Performance! Great for Trade Show & Restaurant Performers!


"The same finger chopper used by Harry Anderson...beautifully made and very highly recommended" -Danny Orleans' Review in the Nov.'96 Genii Magazine

"This is a wonderful prop...a real miracle...I recommend it" -Mike Close's Review from the October '96 MAGIC Magazine

"The Hades Chopper is the is the Nikkon of Finger Choppers" -Paul Green - Professional Magician

The prop is made of wood by hand with a Real metal blade, which isn't very sharp but could cut skin if not handled properly. Read instructions before using. We Do Not Sell this prop to children. You must be over 18 years of age to purchase.

Note: The prop is a light wood color and is purposely left this way for you to paint, stain or decorate in any way you'd prefer for your type show. I suggest carrying it in a drawstring bag, not included with this model.

Skill Level:  Advanced.  Not recommended for Beginners. Suitable for ages 18 and older.


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