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Houdini's Metamorphosis Poster Reproduction

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The Houdini's Metamorphosis Poster

Exchanging Places in 3 Seconds!

Poster Reproduction

An exact reproduction of a very early and rare Harry Houdini ''Metamorphosis'' advertising poster. This reproduced poster is printed on 65 Ib weight ivory laid cover paper suitable for framing and hanging in any magician's library or magic den. Shipped & packaged in its own cardboard tube. The poster measures 19'' wide. by 25" Tall. The photograph doesn't do the colors justice. The Red, Blue and Black colors look stunning on the ivory colored heavy weight paper. You'll be proud to hand this poster in your home.

A few extra details about this poster:

This limited run reproduction poster was specifically made for the Houdini Plaza Dedication in Appleton, WI, that happened on Sat. May 25th 1985. The original lithograph poster that this poster was reproduced from was from the collection of Jay Marshall of Magic, Inc. and this is stated on the poster. The reproduction process, layout etc.was performed by Graphic Communications Center, Inc. The paper was provided by Fox River Paper Company and manufactured in Appleton, Wisconsin, the place that Houdini always called his home birth place. Although, we now know this is not true.

Some of the Advertising Statements Presented on the Poster Include:

  • "The Houdini's Original Introducers of Metamorphosis"
  • "Harry The King of Handcuffs" -  written under her drawing.
  • Beatrice Queen of Mystery" - written under Harry's drawing.
  • "The Greatest Trunk Mystery the World has Ever Seen"
  • "Exchanging Places in 3 Seconds"
  • ​The bottom of the poster states the location, date and time of the Dedication Ceremony.

A Note about Framing the Poster. 

We have noticed a couple of folks cut off the bottom 4.5" of the poster, the part that states info about the Dedication Ceremony and only left what the original poster would have contained. They had a boarder added and then framed. We would never suggest this be done to an actual original but for the reproduction if looked nice and more authentic.

​The poster is shipped rolled in a sturdy cardboard tube.

Media Type Shipped Product

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