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Gem Busters

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  • Clear Square Die with Gem Stones, Becomes A Ball, Then a flat Disk!
  • Made In The U.S.A.!
  • Skill level; Medium

Gem Busters

This is a Fun & Unique Close-up effect!

Basic effect; You start with a clear Cube or Die, with a different colored gem on each side. The performer rolls it between their palms and it becomes a clear Ball, then the performer Slaps it down on the table and it becomes a clear Disc, with the help of some magic and a small clear pocket-sized 4" wand (included).

Or you can perform it in a spectators hand in this manner.....

A gem embedded clear die is placed on a table and examined by the spectator. The magician picks up the die, places it into his hand, making a fist to conceal the die. Then he waves a small clear plastic wand (wand is included with the trick) over the fist. When the hand is opened, the die cube has magically changed into a Ball complete with the gemstones. The spectator inspects the gem-studded ball and thinks the trick is over. WRONG! The magician places the jeweled Ball into his hand and conceals it in his fist. Again, he makes a few circular motions with the clear wand.  When his hand is opened, the spectator finds that the Ball has been smashed flat into a flat looking clear disc, still complete with the gemstones. This is easy-to-do, visual, close-up magic that will entertain and amaze even the most skeptical audience.

You receive the Three clear gem-studded items (acrylic die, ball, and disc), a clear five-inch close-up magic wand with black tips is also included along with detailed instructions.

Skill Level: Intermediate Beginner

Made In The USA!
Tags Hot Rod
Media Type Shipped Product

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