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Change Bag color Burgundy Red with Zipper

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Change Bag

In color Burgundy Red with Zipper bottom

A classic magic utility item for vanishing, appearing & restoring items. Turn inside out to show it's completely empty. Unzip the bottom & stick your arm through, proving again that it is empty. Then produce silks, or have cut rope pieces change into a single long rope, & more. We even have specific books about all the uses for this prop!

Hundrreds of routines are possible with this magic prop accessory. For your Holiday Gigs: An example is to place in a red, a white and a green silk handkerchief, have an audience volunteer wave a wand or say the magic words "Happy Holidays" and you magically produce an 18-inch silk with a drawing of Santa Claus from the bag!  Use Red, White and Blue silks then change them to a US Flag. Another example - Make several silk handkerchiefs turn into a long silk streamer. Silks are not included with the bag. See below to add these items if you'd like to perform this routine.


  • Basic Instrucions included.
  • Size: Bag is approximately 11 inches long hanging from the handle, Opening is approx. 5 inches.
  • Handle is approximately 6 inches long.
  • One-hand operation

Skill level: Beginner. Suitable for ages 10 to adult.

Media Type Shipped Product

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