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Card Warp by Roy Walton

  • A Classic of Card Magic
  • Learn it the Correct Way, with the Original Instructions.
  • Use Any Two Playing Cards to Perform this Miracle

The Original Version 

of Roy Walton's 


Card Warp

By Roy Walton

This amusing and baffling card trick by Roy Walton defies logic. A card is folded in half lengthwise and enclosed in a folder made from a second card as in the illustration. The one card is pushed through the folder and emerges inside out!!! The effect is repeated and again the card turns inside out. At the finish, there is an amusing climax that leaves the cards in the hands of the spectator.

Not self-working, but not difficult either!

A printed booklet of instructions including 19 illustrations makes it all clear. Use your own cards - an ideal use for that worn-out deck. Card Warp is a trick you’ll enjoy doing and your audiences will enjoy seeing it!

The Description as supplied from the copyright owner: One of the most baffling effects in the history of card magic and it is really weird yet so simple to perform. A single playing card defies all the known laws of logic. The card is folded in half lengthways so that only the back design shows. The card is then pushed through a cardboard folder and as it emerges from the other side is seen to be now inexplicably face up! The spectators can visibly see that half the card is face up and the other half is face down. The effect is now repeated and the third sequence is an effective finale, that leaves the apparatus in the spectator's hands. The playing card is an ordinary one. No extra cards are used, nor are there any difficult sleights to perform and a patter theme about a 'Time Tunnel' would fit perfectly. A5 size booklet of instructions is superbly printed on high-quality art paper and has a rich red cover. This is the original version.

Imported Direct Exclusively from Davenport's Demon Magic Range 

SKILL LEVEL - Intermediate. Suitable for ages 13 to adult.

BONUS: Just to help you learn this quicker, we include a set of two Bicycle cards that have been folded as described in the instructions.

Pro Tip: A great opening for this routine is our "The Melting Card" (listed else where on this website) as after you perform the melt thru of one card thru another you can go in the "Card Warp" routine. 


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