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Candy Factory

  • Easy To Do!
  • A Classic Magic Prop!
  • Larger Enough for most Venues!
  • Perfect for the Beginner Magician!

The Candy Factory Trick

Basic effect: The magician shows a glass full of sugar and an empty tube. He explains that he can change the sugar into candy by placing it in the dark for a few seconds. He places the tube over the glass, and instantly the glass becomes full of candy. Great for Birthday gigs, family & children's shows, gospel routines, etc.

The candy that appears is provided by you and can be individually wrapped pieces that you may hand out to your audience or an item like M & M's or unwrapped hard candy could be magically produced although we would suggest not handing out candy that is unwrapped. In addition, we also would suggest you not had out candy during your performance, wait until after you've completed the show.  

You could also use this prop to give a message like stop smoking, by using loose tobacco in the tumbler instead of the sugar. The tumbler will hold other items so there are many possibilities other than producing the candy suggested. The tumbler will also hold a liquid that you could make vanish.

The props included are: A Plastic Tumbler (approximately 5 3/4 inches tall) A Plastic decorated Tube (approximately 6 inches tall) and a special secret gimmick, complete with instructions and additional suggestions for other uses..

Made in India. Color of Tube may differ from the one pictured.

Skill Level-Beginner. Suitable for ages 9 to adult.

Media Type Shipped Product

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