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Blow By Blow Another Balloon Book By Jim Sommers

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Blow By Blow book

"Another Balloon Book"

By Jim Sommers

Filled with audience-tested material. It includes his famous balloon lecture. Many new figures and many gags and ideas. Profusely illustrated.

Written by professional magician Jim Sommers, this book is filled with audience tested material. Many new figures with balloons, plus gags and ideas. Balloons break in midair, on contact, and other exciting methods. Also covers bottom and center inflation, etc. Many fine balloon props, easy to make at home, are described. Includes Jim Sommers balloon lecture given at many magic clubs.

Contents Include:

  •  Introduction
  • Frontispiece
  • Balloon sizes
  • The Half Inch Knot
  • Ring of Ballooney
  • The Anchor
  • The Bumble Bee
  •  A Commercial Balloon
  • I Never Sausage A String
  • Ivy League Balloon
  • Butterfly, Moth, Firefly
  • Sugar Bowl
  • Whistling Balloon
  • Boomerang Balloon
  • Seashell or Snail
  • Fish
  • Little Red Hen
  • Four Leafed Clover
  • The Swan
  • The Christmas Tree
  • Static Electricity Balloon Breaking
  • Mid Air Breaking
  • Under Arm Breaking
  • True Static Breaking
  • Comedy Balloon Pump
  • Trappings for the Balloon Act
  • Balloon Indian Chief
  • Holder for Uninflated Balloons
  • Bouncing Balloon
  • Under the Arm Deflating Balloon
  • Worm with an Ulcer
  • Pigtail Parade
  • Bottom Inflation
  • Center Inflation
  • Slenderella Balloon

Details: Blow By Blow Another Balloon book

28 pages, soft covers, saddle-stitched, size 5 1/2" by 8 1/2".

Please note: The copies we found in the warehouse are from the 3rd printing of this title in 1982. Hurry they want last long!

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