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Pure Imagination Book

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Scott Robinson's

Pure Imagination

By Andi Gladwin & John Campbell

For over 20 years, Scott Robinson has been sharing fantastic magic in hard-to-find publications such as The Trapdoor and in booklets only available at his lectures. At last, all his work has been made available in one place. And you can get it today. His work is an unusual mixture: deceptive, fun and fantastically visual. John Campbell and Andi Gladwin have collaborated to describe forty-six of Mr. Robinson's best ideas. These are tried and tested "workers" that have been used in the trenches for decades. His impromptu Invisible Deck ("Riding The Wave") has become a foundation that almost every version you've seen was based on. The book is beautifully illustrated with exactly the level of information you need to study each effect. There's something for everyone here, whatever your skill level, although most do rely on sleight of hand. However, routines such as "Different Differences" are just as visual as they are simple to do. Here's what happens: you put three half dollars in a purse, and make them change places with a single copper coin instantly (with the three half dollars instantly appearing in three different places). The book contains an equal mix of knuckle-busting and easy-to-do material. For example, "Sucker Monte" is a close-up magician's dream: a simple Monte routine with no setup or anything tricky to do. Coin magic for children? Yup. Scott's "Tooth Fairy" is something kids will love. However, if you enjoy putting the work in, "Heavy Metal" is an eye-popper where twelve changes using the Spellbound move happen in quick succession. Fans of Wild Coin are in for a real treat. Scott takes this from a little coin trick into a fully-fledged performance piece. The book itself is one of Vanishing Inc.'s most gorgeous. It's 10" by 10". There are 304 heavyweight, glossy pages with in excess of 740 photographs - all of which are in full color. A satin cover and bound-in ribbon bookmark all go to make this tome one of the best looking in your library.

Contents of Scott Robinson's Pure Imagination

  • Spoiler Alert (Steve Beam)
  • The First Rule of Sleight Club (Andi Gladwin)
  • The Toy
  • The Willy Wonka Card Trick
  • Willy in Your Pocket
  • Different Differences
  • Sucker Monte
  • Loose Change 
  • The Queen Thing
  • Visual Retentive Vanish
  • Slide Load
  • Quick Kings and Aces
  • Trading Spaces
  • Carpal Tunnel 
  • Sliding Scale
  • Just One Move
  • Who's Counting?
  • Bill Me
  • Over the Hills and Back Again
  • 100% Probability Sandwich
  • Severance Pay
  • Automated Teller Card
  • Big Bang
  • A Buttery Spread
  • Manifold
  • Sprite
  • Repackaged Prediction
  • Triple Crown
  • Top Slop Gag
  • Changing Hands
  • H.G.'s Pocket
  • Riding the Wave 
  • Sponge Coin
  • Changing a Fan Belt
  • Daley Double
  • Daley Double Change
  • Changeling Coin
  • Da Vinci Coins
  • Dragnet Jacks
  • The Tooth Fairy
  • Money Changers
  • SACC (Semi Automatic Cascade Control)
  • Coins, By Golly
  • Home Wrecker
  • Count Me
  • Heavy Metal
  • Totally Under Control
  • The Sound of Silence

DetailsPure Imagination

304 pages, hardbound, size 10" by 10".

Skill Level-Beginner to Advanced


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Only 2 left!