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The 2nd Book of TRICS

  • A Book of Contributions from World-class Magicians!
  • 15 items!
  • Mostly Cards, Money, and a Mental Effect!
  • An Essay on Being A Female Magician!
  • Also an Essay on Creativity!

The 2nd Book of TRICS

With Bonus "Super Power" Cards to get your creative juices flowing!

Compiled by Chris Hage, Edited by Caleb Morgan, Joey Vazquez and David Rasmussen

The second installment of a unique collection of killer magic tricks and thought-provoking essays compiled for attendees at the 2019 Carolina Close-Up Convention.

Contributions from world-class magicians, inventors, and performers such as David Stone, Billy Haake, Lauren Cohen, Joey Vazquez, Dan Fleshman, Christian Engblom, Wayne Houchin, Erik Tait, Jason Ladanye, Scott Robinson, Max Nelson, Marc Oberon, Kevin Reylek and Chris Hage.

  • Body DoubleBilly Haake - Two freely selected cards demonstrate the power of chance, but the magician uses his powers to show the awesome power of magic. An easy to do card miracle.
  • Morea StrawDavid Stone - Visibly push a straw through your throat!
  • Still a magician. Still a woman.Lauren Cohen - A powerful essay about being a female magician. A must read for every man in magic.
  • Fabricated CutsJoey Vazquez - Two in the hands false cuts that will leave no doubt the cards are in a random order.
  • Re-TwistedDan Fleshman - A clever reworking of Brother John Hamman’s Final Twist with a surprise ending!
  • Jazzy AcesDan Fleshman - A fresh take on Peter Kane’s Jazz Aces where aces visibly and magically travel to the leader packet one by one. This is an Ace assembly you’ll actually perform!
  • Double Haunted Deck Christian Engblom - An unbelievable routine where the deck cuts itself and finds not one but two selections. The second mysterious deck cutting happens in the spectator’s hands!
  • $ TranspositionWayne Houchin - A dollar bill, held by a member of the audience, impossibly switches places with a torn dollar bill held by another member of the audience. Yep.
  • The Konami CodeErik Tait - After shuffling, the magician shows that a deck of cards are in the exact red-black order the spectator names! Are we just a simulation and are out brains just computer code?
  • A Gentleman’s GameJason Ladanye - The performer and a spectator play a game where lying is the key to winning. However, when the spectator tries to lie, he still can’t win.
  • Birds of a Feather Scott Robinson - Scott proves that birds of a feather do flock together in this magical packet trick but stuns us with a surprise ending that makes us question reality.
  • Super Duper CardMax Nelson - This one card replaces a fistful of other gimmicks. Simple construction. Easy to handle. 100% fat free!
  • Triangulation Marc Oberon - A super clean mentalism effect where two spectator thoughts appear on a board that’s been in an envelop the entire time.
  • Oracle ExamKevin Reylek - A card freely selected from a shuffled deck is divined after the magician gets to know the spectator through a series of personal and entertaining questions.
  • What if?Chris Hage - Chris explores the power behind the question “What if?” and challenges the reader to create new and original magic.

Details:  The 2nd Book of TRICS

Compiled by Chris Hage, Edited by Caleb Morgan, Joey Vazquez and David Rasmussen

91 pages, softcovers, perfect binding, size 9' by 6".

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