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Close Up Cavalcade Finale by Jerry Mentzer

  • No Card Tricks! All Great Close-up Magic for the working Entrainer.
  • Routines with Coins, Mental, Dice, Money, Credit Cards, Salt shakers
  • Single Cup & Ball and Much More!
  • Perfect Bound, Soft Cover, 5 1/2 by 8 1/2 inch size, 187 pages.
  • SKILL LEVEL-Experienced/Medium

Close Up Cavalcade Finale by Jerry Mentzer

Close Up Cavalcade Finale contains a wide variety of tricks with ordinary looking objects such as paper money, matches, coins, finger rings, salt and saltshakers, dice, pens, etc. But no card tricks!! The working close up performer will find lots of things he can use. There is very little of the purely theoretical. Some of the tricks in Close Up Cavalcade Finale are totally impromptu. Others require a bit of preparation, but all routines use props that appear to be honest. If you are intrigued by close up magic without cards, you will want to own this collection of superb magic! Six big chapters with contributors the like of Duke Stem, Barry Govan, Roger Klause, Ray Mertz, John Murray, Steve Dusheck, Dan Tong, and more!!

Over 25 complete routines!

Tricks include such neo-classics as “Milliken’s Transposition” and many others! 

Detailed Contents:

Chapter 1: Salt and Shakers
5 Salt Routine: Salt vanishes and appears inside a pen (TT)
8 Salt and Sugar: sugar packet and salt shaker vanish from the hands (impromptu)
12 Ring Into Salt Shaker (Jerry Mentzer): borrowed finger ring vanishes and appears in a sealed salt shaker. Originally a commercial item.
16 Impromptu Ring Into Salt Shaker (Mentzer): another version using an ungimmicked salt shaker

Chapter 2: Coins
23 Elbow Swindle (Roger Klause): during a stunt of catching coins from the elbow, they vanish
30 Copper Silver Transposition (Steve Dusheck): forerunner of Steve's Slippery Sam
36 An Illusive Coin Switch (A. Berkeley Davis): switch while transferring a coin from one hand to another.
40 The Vanishing Chinatown (A. Berkeley Davis): a routine for the Chinatown set and using a mat
42 Jumbo Cards and Coins (Ray Mertz): a sort of "cups and balls" routine using Jumbo playing cards and coins
50 You Caught Me: 21 cents turns into 21 pennies (requires 21 cent gimmick)
54 Jumbo Coin Routine (Dan Tong): A US penny changes into a silver dollar, and the dollar the spectator was holding turns into a dollar sized penny. Then the penny grows to jumbo size, and then reverts back to normal.
58 Harry Milliken's Transposition: Two quarters are placed in one hand, and two halves in the other. With one squeeze, one quarter and half transpose. With a 2nd squeeze, the other quarter and half transpose (originally published in Wonderful Routines of Magic by Ellison Poland). 

Chapter 3: Mental and Psychic
67 Psychic Power: ball of foil in a sealed bottle moves mysteriously
70 Double Mental Test (Jerry Mentzer): One of four coins is chosen and a number selected by choosing two playing cards is predicted by the contents of a wallet that has been in view for the entire effect (originally from Feb 71 Linking Ring)
76 Wrapped in Foil: performer determines which symbols are at the face of small packets of cards wrapped in foil

Chapter 4: Misc
83 Matchless (Warren Stephens): an empty matchbook is shown and matches suddenly appear
89 Dice Trick (Warren Stephens): The number rolled on a small die matches a large die covered with the hand, then the large die vanishes
93 Credit Cards: a variation of Bert Allerton's Crazy Cards performed with gimmicked credit cards
97 Paper Strip Restores (Jerry Mentzer): torn and restored paper strip with flash paper
103 Impromptu Three Ball Routine (Jerry Mentzer): done with three small paper balls, can be performed anywhere
110 Coin and Cord (Steve Dusheck): a Chinese coin "melts" off a velvet cord (you can make the gimmick)

Chapter 5: Cups, Cans, Containers
121 Cup and Ball Trio (Barry Govan): a one cup and balls routine using a dice cup (ungimmicked)
131 Three Shell Game (John Murray): a basic three shell routine with explanation of how to make the shells, and a recommendation for Jack Chanin's Hello Sucker book.
139 Beer Can Routine: another one cup and ball routine using a beer can, rolled up dollar bills, and features large load climax

 Chapter 6: Paper Money
147 Borrowed Bill and Pen (Warren Stephens): a borrowed bill is accidentally burned and is found inside a pen held by the spectator
156 A Simple Copper-Silver Routine: a simple coin transposition trick in order to use a dollar bill for the above effect
158 Seeing is Believing Bill Tear: a convincing torn and restored borrowed bill. The spectator gets to unfold the torn bill and finds it whole. Several alternative approaches are suggested.
169 No Gaff Bill Tear: impromptu torn and restored bill with a single bill
173 The Seven Dollar Trick (Duke Stern): a five and two ones turns into three ones that are shown on both sides
181 Bill Antics (Dan Tong): two bills are folded in various manners and both bills are shown in one hand, suddenly one bill vanishes and there is one bill in each hand

Details: Close-Up Cavalcade Finale ©1977 Jerry Mentzer

Perfect Bound, 5 1/2 by 8 1/2 inch size, 187 pages.

SKILL LEVEL-Experienced/Medium

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