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Intimate Power By Eugene Burger

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  • Psychological Presentations for the Close Up Entertainer.
  • Original First Editions from the Philip Willmarth Estate
  • Size: 5.5"x 8.5", 90 pages, soft cover, saddle stitched

LIMITED COPIES REMAIN - When they're Gone That's' It, no more!

Intimate Power 

By Eugene Burger

Psychological Presentations for the Close-up Entertainer

This was Mr. Burger's follow-up to his "Secrets and Mysteries for the Close-up Entertainer" this volume includes more thoughtful advice on performing close-up magic plus, Ten powerful effects from his own repertoire. A favorite is "Dracula and the Sorority Girls". This book provides an intimate look at psychological presentations for the close-up entertainer. The book contains effects and insights on creating magic that is entertaining enough to make people stop whatever they are doing and to have fun, watch and enjoy your performance.

"In my opinion, Intimate Power is even better than Secrets and Mysteries....."

                                                                                       -- Phil Willmarth

Contents Include:

Dedication to Max Maven

Forward by Phil Willmarth
Chapter One: What's In a Name? 

Chapter Two: Creating Interest

  • The Card Cheat
  • An Old Carnival Game
  • A Voodoo Ritual
  • The Spectator is the Star
  • Second-Hand Smoke

Chapter Three: A Game of Wits

  • Spelling Stunner
  • Fogel's Triple Prediction
  • Out of This World
  • Easy Money Presentation

Chapter Four: Precision

  • Dracula and the Sorority Girls

Chapter Five: Confidence and Power

DETAILS: Intimate Power by Eugene Burger 
©1983 -These Are Original First Editions

Size: 5.5"x 8.5" - 90 pages, softcover, saddle-stitched
Illustrated by Marshall Philyaw 
Cover art by Nick Silva.

The copies we have are from the Phillip Willmarth Estate.

​Note; We have a few copies, of this title, that were hand Signed by Mr. Burger, at the Atlanta Harvest of Magic Convention in 2015, while he was demonstrating a few of his creations in our booth. at the convention. If you'd like one of these autographed copies look for the "Signed" version on this site.


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