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The Big Bet

  • The Card Picked for You by Spectator is the Winner!

The Big Bet

By Jerry Mentzer

Basic Effect Description: After six cards are placed face down on the table, the performer explains that one of the cards could win $50. for the spectator. The performer gets one chance and the other five belong to the spectator! And the spectator will pick the one card on which rides the performer's chances. What could be fairer than that?

By rolling a large die, the spectator chooses the one card for the performer. The die itself is an attention-getter! It is set on top of the performer's card as an indicator. The other five cards are shown to be blank! The card beneath the die is shown to be boldly printed with "$50"!! The performer keeps his money!

Complete with specially printed cards, the large-sized die, and instructions. Should you prefer not to wager $50., extra cards are included so they can be marked with a smaller dollar value, or the name od some non-monetary prize.

 Perfect for Trade Show workers, Restaurant performers, close-up shows, etc.

A Magic Methods Product

Media Type Shipped Product

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