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Mini Maxi Miracle

  • Perfect Follow-Up Effect to Midget Sextet!
  • Mini Cards Grow To Poker Size during Effect!

Mini Maxi Miracle

By Jerry Mentzer

If You have Our effect MIDGET SEXTET you will surely want This effect Too!

Effect: This is the perfect effect to perform for your audiences that may have already seen Midget Sextet. In your hands you display six mini playing cards with their backs showing. One card is designated by a spectator and it is turned face up. It is seen to have a red face. The other five cards are then turned face up and they have black faces-BUT-All FIVE Cards have Grown to Poker Size!! What a surprise! A really stunning effect! Instructions and all cards supplied.

​Please note: In order to keep the price down on the manufacturing of this effect with actual Bicycle™ brand playing cards. The  effect described above may be opposite in the package you receive. In other words the Cad first turned over may be a Black Face and the other Five cards at the end maybe Red faces. Other wise everything is the same as described.

Skill Level: Beginner. Suitable for ages 10 to adult.

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