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Eddy Wade's Top Secret Magic & Activity Book

  • Fun & Easy Magic for Beginners!

Eddy Wade Presents

 Top Secret Magic & Activity Book

By Eddy Wade

This is a booklet of 13 Magic Tricks for suitable for beginners in the Art of Magic.

Contents Include:

  • Introduction
  • Eddy Wade Bio
  • You Can Be A Magician
  • The Rules of Magic
  • Where to learn More about Magic
  • Magic Lingo - Famous Magic Words
  • Card Tricks -  Four Easy Starters using a regular deck of playing cards
  • Magic Tricks - Four easy beginner's tricks, props easily found around the house
  • Color The Magician Picture
  • Bet-Chas!
  • Oops! I've messed up the Rabbits - Find the Two Alike Rabbits -Activity Sheet
  • Stunts - Three Fun & Entertaining Stunts to Try on your driends
  • Fun & Games Page
  • A Magic Maze - Help my Bunny Find My Hat
  • Optical Illusions - Two Fun & Easy Optical Tricks


Details: Eddy Wade Presents Top Secret Magic & Activity Book

© 2015 by Eddy Wade. 21 Pages, Saddle-stitched 

A Magic Methods Product

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