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Rainbow Twist Card Routine

  • An Easy & Visual Card Routine!
  • This trick requires NO Elmsley Counts, Ascanio Spreads, etc.
  • Supplied with Special Wide Colored Backs and Instructions

Rainbow Twist

This is one of the easiest and most effective packet tricks! The Ace-2-3-4 of a single suit turn face down one at a time! Then the backs of all the cards are shown and they have all different wild patterns! Best of all, the trick requires No Elmsley Counts, Ascanio Spreads, etc. If you do not know what these moves are, it does not matter. You don’t need them. A simple hand-to-hand count is all that is required to do the effect.

Supplied with instructions and the special set of wild color backs.


Tags Card Trick
Media Type Shipped Product

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