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Magic and Illusion Book

  • For ages 5 to 17 years!
  • Great Magic Beginners Booklet!
  • Excellent Resource for Magicians that Teach Magic!

Magic and Illusion Book

Part of the Cub Scout Activity Series

Includes Close-up magic, optical illusions, p[uzzles and much more.

This a booklet published as part of the "Cub Scout Activity Series" and sold exclusively thru the Boy Scouts of America.

If you or someone you know is just starting Magic as your hobby this is a great starter book.

 This is a full color printed booklet with short definitions of Close-up magic, Club magic and Stage magic plus a short Bio on Houdini, some optical illusions, magic theme sticker sheet, Instructions on making a Magic Wand with a list of needed supplies along with detailed photos on the process. Several magic theme puzzles and info on Movie Magic.

If you're a magician, why do you need a copy of this booklet? IF you teach a magic class or camp this has great info you can use. If you sell products (BOR) at your shows, this is an excellent booklet to model for your next product. IF you give-away items at shows, at birthday parties, etc. If you fill goody bags with such items for extra income at Birthday parties this is an excellent idea starter for your own booklet. 

Contents Include:

  • Page 2. Now you see it...
  • 4. Optical Illusions
  • 6.  More Illusions
  • 8. Make Scene Stickers
  • 10. Make A Magic Wand
  • 12. Games and Puzzles
  • 14. Movie Magic
  • 16. The Magician's Oath

Details: Magic and Illusion

DK Publishing

16 pages, softcovers, size 6" by 9". priny=ted in 2007

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