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ESP Test - Regular Size

  • "Mind Reading" Match Routine with ESP Cards!
  • We also offer a Jumbo Version, elsewhere on this site.

ESP TEST - Regular Size Version

With Regular Bridge Size Cards

This is a very fine trick. In the bridge size regular version it is an excellent pocket trick for close-up use. With the Jumbo Card version, it is good either as a stage effect or as an effect for slightly larger groups at close range. Since the tricks essentially self working and requires no technical skill, it allows the performer to devote all to presentation. 

In Performance: The performer shows an odd backed card or a folded paper and sets it aside as a prediction. Then Five cards, each with a different ESP symbol are shown. The spectator has an apparently free choice of the symbols yet the chosen symbol always matches the card selected by the specataror,  Although I should mention, you can't repeat the effect for the same audience, nor should you want to.

As a side note: I (Eddy Wade) saw this effect, in the 1970's, performed by Max Maven on one of his HBO TV specials, in his hands this was a miracle and his presentation was so good he used it as am opening routine with a woman sitting in the audience. 

Tags Extrasensory Perception, Mental magic, Mind Reading Trick., ESP Test, Max Maven
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