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Wand - Rollout Secret Wand

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  • Instant Laugh Producer!
  • Visual Sight Gag!
  • Always Funny!

"How Would You Like To See The Secret?"

Rollout Magic Wand with Secret

This is a very adaptable comedy magic wand originally manufactured by Mr. Williaman  (Bill) Ragsdale for many years. It has a lot of comedy uses in a show.

This is an Instant LAUGH Producing Sight Gag!

 The prop consists of a heavy-duty banner that rolls up to look like a 15-inch Magic Wand. When you allow the wand to roll open it reveals a 15-inch by 22-inch banner which shows a full-color photograph of a Can of Secret Deodorant!

Use as A Running Gag!

The most common way for a performer to use this wand prop, for a quick laugh, is to ask an audience of children following one of your routines.,- " if they would like to see the secret?" When they all yell YES! Which you can milk several times as not beginning loud enough, etc. You then allow the wand to roll open showing the can of Secret. This could then also be used as an introduction to a trick that you are going to teach the children how to do.

Use It Along with Other Comedy Gag Wands, IE: Break-Away, Spring, Fishing Pole, etc. Then the Secret!

Additional use of the wand is to tape or glue a pre-printed message over the colored can of Secret which could say anything you can imagine.

In the photo, you see an example of the wand.

NOTE: Magic Methods purchased the rights to manufacture & distribute this prop from David Ginn in 2018, David had purchased the rights from Mr. Bill Ragsdale years earlier.

A Magic Methods Exclusive Product

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