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Magic Wand Rollout Banner Blank

  • Add ANY Message inside!

Magic Wand with Rollout Banner for Your Message

Supplied Blank

Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, Good Night, The World's Greatest Magician, Act For Sale -- yes, all these messages and more can be yours with our Roll Out Banner Wand! It's such a good idea. Show a regular wand. You can even use it during your show. Then, anytime you want, Presto -- out rolls the wand and displays your message! The wands are made of a very durable linen stock. The message measures 15" X 22" when rolled out. You receive the wand with a totally blank face, so you can put any message you want inside. All you need is a permanent marker and a little imagination. The possibilities are endless! You might even get a few of these to use for different occasions!!

This is a very adaptable magic wand originally manufactured by Mr. William (Bill) Ragsdale for many years. It has about a hundred and one uses and the included instructions include about 75 of them! The prop consists of a heavy-duty banner that rolls up to look like a 15-inch Magic Wand. When you allow the wand to roll open it reveals a 15-inch by a 22-inch white banner which can have any message you'd like. You can write or stencil your message write on the banner OR if you'd like to design & print out your message on your computer and then tape it into the banner and just roll it up. This method allows you to change the message anytime. 

In the photo, you see examples of possible messages but use your imagination! There are many times in a show where a message would be appropriate for a laugh, advertisement for yourself or your client, to reveal a card, prediction, show theme, etc. It's also perfect for using at celebrations such as Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary,  Happy Holidays! Its uses are only limited by your imagination!

NOTE: Magic Methods purchased the rights to manufacture & distribute this prop from David Ginn in 2018, David had purchased the rights from Mr. Bill Ragsdale years earlier.

A Magic Methods Exclusive Product


Media Type Shipped Product

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