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Blank Face Deck - Red Backs

  • Blank Face - Blue Back
  • Poker Size Bicycle Brand
  • Skill Level: None

Blank Face Deck - Red Back Bicycle Deck

This is a deck of Blank Face Cards. Bicycle brand deck, it only has RED Backs on All the cards, No Face Printing at all. Use these to make up your own tricks or as replacement cards in tricks that require them.

Additional Details:

  • 52 Cards per deck
  • Color of Box they are packaged in will be Blue Bicycle Brand 
  • Poker Size 3.5" by 0.5 by 2.5"
  • Made by USPCC = United States Playing Card Company
  • No Instructions provided, Deck of special cards only.

If you'd like a BLUE Back version, see elsewhere on this website.

Skill Level: None

Tags Playing Cards
Media Type Shipped Product

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