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The Perfect Key Bending by Guy Bavli/USED

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The Perfect Key Bending Book & Gimmick

by Guy Bavli


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An Amazing Mental Effect! 


The power of the mind is unbelievable. It can even cause the metal to bend, without seemingly using any visible physical force.


Imagine you borrow a key from an audience volunteer, a regular spare key from his key chain, and in front of his eyes, you cause it to bend in a manner that cannot be explained. Imagine that his own key bends when held within the volunteer’s own hands. As a climax, if you wish, you can re-bend the key, to its (almost) original straight shape - solely by “the power of your mind”.


Use any volunteer's key, and bend it in their own hand! With Guy's Perfect Key Bending, you can do more than the standard key-bending magic. This entirely new method lets you bend any key, anywhere, either in your hand or the hand of a spectator. Includes everything you need to know to perform this special effect, including tips, tricks, routines, and other performance suggestions.


No sleeves required, do it surrounded, close-up or on stage, no key switching required, the key can be marked if you like. No chemicals, No jig has to be hidden up your sleeve, the key never leaves their sight, no sleight of hand required.


You get a14 page booklet and the bending gimmick. Booklet was printed in 1994.


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