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The Message Disks by Bob Cassidy/Used

  • Previously Owned Prop!
  • Great Mentalism!

The Message Disks

by Bob Cassidy 




Effect: The two “Owl” disks are shown and their meaning explained. The medalist next exhibits the “Hand” disk with the darkened edge and the sticker on the back. The spectator is asked to write a number, a short word, or a small picture on the back of the “hand” disk (on a sticker). This is done while the performer’s back is turned. The “Hand” disk is turned face down, hiding the writing and the disk is sandwiched between the face-up owls. The performer holds the stack to his ear and apparently listens to the owls as they describe the spectator’s thought which the performer then reveals.


Instructions also describe How to Give Readings with the Disks, meanings of the Disks symbols, a bonus effect with a silver dollar.


What you receive: 8 wooden disk with carrying bag, gimmick, one replacement disk which appears to be broken to me. (I could be wrong, I haven’t played with the props) Some white circle sticky labels, 3 pages of instructions. These disks appear to me to be made from “promotional wooden nickels” which are easily bought if you need to make replacements.


Please note: I have never performed this effect and we're selling it as part of a consignment lot to our shop from a long time valued customer. The props are in good condition.


Please No Returns on Used Items!

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