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Shufton’s Magic 3D PARADOX ”Guru”version

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  • Previously Own Prop!

Shufton’s Magic 3D PARADOX ”Guru” version

(Previously Own Prop)

Shufton's 3D Paradox sends their minds on holiday! Just imagine: 

Effect: An envelope containing a “prediction” is handed to a spectator to hold. The magician invites a spectator to select a card from a shuffled, unprepared deck, and to sign their name across the card. The selection is shuffled back into the deck, magician immediately retries the envelope and tables the deck. His hands are seen empty. The envelope is opened and removed from inside is a colorful greeting card. The greeting card is hinged open and a 3D scene with a small envelope “pops up” from inside it. Ah..this must be the prediction. The spectator may remove the contents from the small pop-up envelope - inside they find their signed playing card! Impossible!!


This new diabolical take on the "impossible location" features:


  • Stunning, visual magic!
  • A perfect finale for any signed card routine!
  • Eye-catching professional quality, precision made and assembled with care!
  • No re-set or get ready - always ready to perform - anytime, anywhere!
  • Sweet simplicity allows you to focus on the presentation!
  • Do it completely surrounded! 

A real reputation maker! Finally, a card-to-impossible-location needing no preparation, wallet, palming, swapping, folding, hiding, jackets, pockets, or lemons!


Never used. What you get is One EDP Greeting Card and its envelope within.

Use Any deck of Cards!

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Only 1 left!