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John Kennedy’s Mind Power Deck/Used

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John Kennedy’s Mind Power Deck


Effect: The mentalist spreads a deck of cards face-up on the table and asks a spectator to look at Any card. No one else could possibly know the card because the spectator never touches or names it. The mentalist concentrates, then slowly but surely “reads the spectator’s mind” and names the card!


It can be repeated immediately and will become more and more baffling each time. In fact, even if two or three people simultaneously look at different cards, the mentalist can read each spectator’s mind and name their cards correctly every time! John Kennedy’s Mind Power Deck is so eerie, so impossible, your audience will be convinced that you possess a sixth sense.


Poker size, custom back design printed by Liberty, never used deck. With complete instructions.

Please NOTE: This is a previously own item being sold from a consignment lot provided to us from a customer. 
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Only 1 left!