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Used-Card Tricks Book

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Used copy of Card Tricks Book

Essential Facts at Your Fingertips

by Infofax - Top That Publishing

Packed with crazy card tricks, inside knowledge on shuffling the deck, and tips on how to perfect your patter, this book explains all the moves you'll need to entertain your audience.

You'll soon be the envy of all your friends as you mystify them with your magical skills. Remember--the power is in your hands!


Magic Methods Review: This is a Used title in our shop. One copy only avaible. Full color with lots of photos mainly written for and contains many photographs of children. Condition is Fair, some scuff marks and bending on the cover, the book appears to have been well-read. As with all our items if you have questions please call or e-mail Eddy.

Printed in China, 2003.

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Only 1 left!